James has successfully moved on from St Johns nursery now and is thriving in his school environment (reception).  This is all thanks to the confidence and encouragement that he gained from a young age at St Johns.  Leaving your parents is a daunting prospect at the age of 2, probably more so for the parents, but the comfort we gained from the nurturing nature of all the staff was incredible, not too mention how James developed and grew as a person from the range of activities on offer.  He absolutely loved that school and ran to the door every day and spoke about the staff and his friends constantly.  Despite moving to a school in a different area we still keep in contact with his friends and their parents, we will be forever indebted to St Johns for all they have done, a real credit to a wonderful institution.  We intend to send our second child there in the comings years!

  • November 9, 2016

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